Two friends in the Silver Lake and Los Feliz neighborhoods of Los Angeles have a tradition of taking long, long walks. One day we were just bullshitting around and one of the $hady ladie$ started yammering about the surrealist in France who would talk about the city in psychological terms. And how one of her grad school  friends wanted to plan a guerilla garden action in their college town that would reveal such a surreal, psychological experience of the city. The other $hady lady loved that idea and that was it. The deal was done.

We brainstormed many ways to do it, but then decided to keep it simple. We said, you know what, let’s just take one of our walks to explore a nook of our neighborhood. The pop-up gardens along this route will represent one of our many routes throughout the neighborhood.

So in one way it captures the spontaneity of  our walks, but on the other hand the desire to document their growth will lead us to walk this route many times. It will be a new way for us to get to know our neighborhoods. Whereas before, we’d take diverse routes, a new one each time, this time we are forced to walk the same route and see the slow evolution of small differences over time. It’s a kind of zen surrealism. Either way, we are paying attention to our neighborhood in a new kind of way. And becoming stewards, and maybe even advocates for our route.


2 $hady Ladie$

The Route!


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