Pop 1: Anticipating Rain

December 5, 2010

We bought our seeds back in October and laid in waiting for a collision of ample time and optimal seeding conditions came. LA experienced a heat wave in October with temperatures in the 100s. It was very unusual and I thought the predictions of rain were not going to come to fruition.

But then the rain came in spurts, but it’s weekdays occurrences did allow for our pop-up gardening to happen. The night comes quickly these days.

Fueling up for the walk

Finally, the stars aligned. On Saturday one of us knew there was a chance of rain the next day. The other called the other Sunday morning in a mad panic – “We have to plant today, right now! I have to plant around here and then I have to go to some sad median somewhere around LA and beautify! The rain is coming!” The other shady lady calmed the former and they decided to scale back the plans. Pop-up gardens today on one of their new walks.

First thing was first though. Free mulch from Griffith Park had to be acquired. We put on our sneakers, grabbed our tote bags, seeds and a shovel and were off on our mission.

Just some good old fashion tote bags here....promise

We nearly missed some park rangers when we were grabbing sand from a stockpile i the park near the free mulch piles. That was when the paranoia began. Then we mixed the sandy soil with mulch to try to get a nice sticky loam consistency. The mulch at Griffith Park is pretty degraded, but even still we couldn’t nearly get that loam feeling. The sandy soil did give the mulch a little more body. We decided the method of dispersal would be to fill our lady fists with 2 parts mulch to .5 part seeds. Then to exert the most control possible, we’d have to drop our loose seed bomb straight down.We did some test broadcasting near the mulch and we were back in the car to ride closer to our destination.

The mulch heap

Testing ground

Our journey began. We seeded in garden and parkway areas close to our sidewalk realm. We walked for about 4 miles. Midway, on of us got tired of caring a tote bag full of heavy mulch. We emptied half of our bags of mulch and shit load of seeds into this empty tree well near Rowena. The block was  mix of multi-family residential and light industrial. If any block needed this kind of pup-up garden love it was this one.

Similarly when we got home, we dumped the rest of our mulch in one of our yards, along with many seeds. It has turned out to be our test plot if you will. It was there that one of us noticed a bunch of seedlings taking hold. That gave us the idea to check on the rest of our pop up gardens.

I should also mentioned, that when we put down this last mass of seeds, the rain had begun. The rain really began only one block away from our final destination. We sped walked home and planted our last pop-up garden in the rain. It was perfect timing! ye we did it. We saw the rains coming and we beat them just in time. Now our pop-up gardens will get their first gulps of water. The rain will also help tamper down into the soil to get rooted.

You’re welcome world.

2 $hady Ladie$


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