Pop 2: Sunny Day

December 24, 2010


It’s Christmas Eve 2010 and the 2 $hady Ladie$ followed are steps to check on how the pop-up gardens were enjoying the sun, after a deluge of record rain for a week straight. Not too many have taken. Luckily we had half a bag of poppy seeds and did a re-sprinkling, technically speaking we hand-broadcasted. We hope birds didn’t eat all of the seeds. I suppose we’ll see next time we walk.

The good news is that during this walk it was a beautiful sunny day. We took our time and we took lots of photos. Proof of our slow saunter are our Pedometer Stats:

6702 steps!!

3.076 miles 236.2 calories. 73.09 minutes. 2.5 miles/hour.

Below are some of our lovely photos. I think they show off our beloved eastside Los Angeles neighborhood:

Price Street and North Commonwealth Avenue

North Commonwealth Avenue

North Commonwealth Avenue approaching Avocado Street

Glendale Boulevard Bridge from Waverly Drive

Waverly Drive

Poppin up on Rokeby Street

On Angus Street


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