Pop 3: Sprouts

March 7, 2011,

North Commonwealth AvenueNorth Commonwealth Avenue approaching Avocado Street

Poppies did well in proximity to rocks.

Poppies also grew well along the edge of walled planters. I'm surmising that they enjoy the embodied heat of concrete-based materials.

Doing well next to an edge again.

Small planter on Rokeby Street

On Rokeby Street where we dumped most of the mulch and seeds. Because there's unimpeded sunlight, latent heat all around it and the many mulch nutrients, the poppies are doing great.

Another view of the Rokeby Street Popupgarden Poppies.

This time around the 2 $hady Ladie$ used the popupgarden project as an excuse to take a long walk, take some photos and catch up on life. I can’t lie. It was disappointing to see a 40% survival rate. There were some south facing slopes that I thought would be ideal locations for poppies, but no such luck. In other areas, I could see that the poppies are not faring well against other emergent plants as I hoped they would.

It was interesting to note the similarities between the areas where poppies were growing well. They seemed to love growing near hardscape or small boulders. They were surviving in areas with irrigation, but not as well as where there was latent heat.

Even though we’ve got a poor survival rate, I’m still eager to see these popupgardens in their golden glory when in bloom.


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