Pop 4: _% Grown

May 29, 2011,

0% Success Rate here.

100% Success Rate! Too bad I photographed it past its prime. I think the ground roughness and low-maintenance neighboring plants helped these poppies thrive.

20% Grown. This young poppy is making a home among this weedy parkway full of urban duff. Being in the shadow of the feather grass makes me doubtful it will reach maturity. We shall see!

20% Grown. Poppies jiving with the succulents in the parkway on Avocado Street.

30% Grown. These poppies seem to like the heat and water that gather in the corner of this wall.

0% Success Rate. I thought the poppies would like the gravel, but maybe the gardener of the multi-family unit removed them thinking they were weeds. It also could be that I arrived too late and that the poppies had come and gone.

0% Success Rate. My guess is the jumble of turf and gravel and palm roots didn't leave any space for the poppies to take hold.

We didn't even try to seed this poppy proof lawn lined street.

0% Success Rate. Here is a drought tolerant border that I thought would be the perfect home for poppies. I have hunch the irrigation and possible over-attendant gardener wiped out the poppies.

A different location, but I suspect an over-attendant gardener "weeded out" the poppies that may have sprouted here.

I swear young poppies were growing at the base of this modernist hedge, but alas over-attendant gardeners strike again.

25% Grown. Thanks to a discerning, over-attendant gardener our poppies are given space to flourish. I was hoping this would happen at this residence, which had poppy sprouts in another part of their yard when we first spread seeds.

100% Los Feliz. Some neighborhood flavor.

100% Los Feliz. More neighborhood flavor sprinkles on this poppie cupcake.

See caption above.

Gardeners strike again. I swear there were young poppies here last time.

90% Grown. Just on the verge of peaking this poppy was a sight for sore eyes. This beauty came about a mile into the walk on Waverly Drive in a low-maintenance DIY front yard. I hoped I could bring some beauty to this yard mix of weeds and horticultural species.

100% Silver Lake. Beautiful views abound.

100% Poppies Galore. The southern exposure and limited plant competition may be some reasons why there were a number of poppies thriving in this 6" wide plant strip. There's even a young poppy sprouting in the sidewalk cracks!

100% Poppies Galore. Here is a wider view of the 6" planting strip the poppies were loving.

100% Grown. A number of poppies grew to full size in this dense planting bed of cacti, bannana, rocks, etcetera on Waverly Drive.

See caption above.

See caption above.

See caption above.

110% Grown. Again I missed these happy poppies in their full glory. Poppies seem to love growing near walls. The many many seed heads guarantee the plant will self-seed here. I hope to catch this plant in full bloom next year.

100% Success Rate. The poppies flourished in the mulched terrain of this multi-family complex on Waverly Drive. The native plant landscaping here leads me to believe the residents recognized the poppies and didn't weed them out.

100% Success Rate. More poppies at the multi-family complex. They provide a nice contrast with the purple leaf shrub.

100% Success Rate. Poppies are taking hold here in this drought tolerant front yard toward the end of Waverly Drive. I suspect the gardener sprinkled the ground with their own batch of poppy seeds.

100% Success Rate. The poppies are competing well with the emergent vegetation in this "ghost tree well" on Rokeby Street. This is where the other $hady lady and I dumped all of our compost and about 100 poppy seeds to lighten our load on the first two seeding trips. We had hoped to bring some color to this barren street. And it's worked!

80% Grown. This leggy poppy doesn't seem to be getting enough sunlight. I wonder if that municipal water access point might be over-irrigating and causing further legginess. I'm just happy to see it surviving!

We didn't cross any lawns to seed, but it's nice to see the orange poppy bringing some colorful cheer to this green front yard. I'd like to daydream that a bird ate and spread some of the seeds from many of our seeding areas that didn't sprout.

Successful Poppy Spots!


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